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Fair Trade

This was a university brief asking to help F.A.B (Fair Trade Association Birmingham) and Fair trade in raising awareness. I decided to create a poster series and a 4 fold leaflet, which could be used as another poster also.

The main, emphasis within my posters was to simple show how a "fun" side of fair trade, as opposed to the more serious undertones. I took 6 fair trade products and stylised them for that "fun" feeling. The whole point was too grab the attention of my demographic (17-23), by using bold in your face colours.

The second part of my finals, was the leaflet/poster. The inside contained the main source of information. I choose to be very subjective and leave it up to the reader, in order for them to decide if they want to invest. The outside was the poster, which combined all the vectors i created earlier in the poster series.


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