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An independent Clothing Label.
Project: Final Major Project

Felt is an independent clothing label that prides itself on its clean, simplistic design aesthetics. Felt’s Message is a simple one; Simplistic Expression. The freedom to express ones thoughts and feelings are essential in defining who we are; without expression we are lost.

Felt's ethos and driving force behind the company is to embrace expression, but doing so in a very clean and simplistic manner. Within this oversaturated market, many have fallen to overcomplicated designs and messages. Felt strives to bring the beauty back within its simplicity. Felt is more than a clothing company but a mindset.

Every design in our collection are crafted and inspired by our influences and thoughts, whilst design principals heavily influence the clean simplistic aesthetics. Many Major brands like to see their products within various retail stores, however Felt remains Personal.

To maintain a personal connection with those who have embraced felt and to ensure the authenticity of our products, our products are only exclusively sold via our official website.


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